Student: Bi monthly
Professional: Monthly

DiversityFIRST Network facilitates mentoring relationships between the Student chapters and Young Professional chapters of DiversityFIRST Network. Mentoring is such an important part of developing a student’s professional potential. The members of the local Young Professional chapters will mentor the members of the Student chapter at the local university to provide them with support, encouragement, and advice for professional growth. The Student members will have the opportunity to be paired up with a professional that is working in the same industry.

Business Roundtables
Business roundtables are events where business discussion on news in the business world, as well as, an avenue that can be used for educational purposes.

Social Mixers
Social mixers allow the members to interact in a social environment and network socially among the chapters.

The Convention is a meeting point for all the chapters across the country to meet and present ideas, network, learn about new initiatives, and collaborate.

DiversityFIRST Network will offer scholarships to students at a variety of universities in the near future.